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The Gayest Book Ever!

GayestBookEverThis amazing book is printed in full color and represents the fight for freedom and equality among the LGBTQ community. It honors the internationally accepted symbol of LGBTQ people everywhere. Not only does it stand for equal rights for the LGBTQ Community, but it acts as a symbol of hope and unity for the human race in general.

The Gayest Book Ever covers a brief history of the LGBTQ rights movement and the origins of the Rainbow Flag. The rest of the book is the rainbow flag from cover-to-cover! Anyone who is adamant about equal rights for all people MUST have this book in their collection.

The cover art is visually pleasing while the content is captivating. After suffering untold persecution at the hands of their fellow man, the LGBTQ community deserves to be heard and have their story told. This book stands for love, peace, and unity and encourages tolerance and acceptance for all races, religions, and sexual orientations.

If you are looking for a novelty book that will spark a stimulating discussion among your family and friends, then look no further. It is a great conversation piece to keep on your bookshelf or coffee table. It can even act as an educational tool for those who are generally uneducated regarding issues of gender and sexual orientation.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are bold and determined to advocate for human equality across the globe. Not only is it fun and informative, but it takes a strong stance and holds fast to the belief that all men (and women) are created equal.

No matter your race, religion, gender, personal beliefs, or sexual orientation, this book will speak to you on a spiritual level. It will help you open your heart and mind to the plight of each and every member of the human race. It will teach you to reach out with compassion rather than judgment.

You can’t afford to not purchase this book. Just like the Rainbow Flag, this book is loud and proud and will display exactly where you stand on issues of great importance to our modern society.

Here at Book Mayhem we create prank notebooks that masquerade as actual books. These notebooks are intended to spark discussion or simply shock the unsuspecting passerby. While we believe in keeping things lighthearted and fun, we are also creating a line of novelty books with a cause.

GayestBookEverThe first of these books is The Gayest Book Ever. Our goal is to raise awareness of the issues facing the world today and promote unity and equality.

A portion of the proceeds from each of these novelty books with a cause is donated to LGBTQ youth groups who help teens gain confidence and love themselves and others. These groups teach compassion and understanding and are dedicated to raising a generation of strong, confident individuals.