From the Desk of Harry K. Juniper
Chief of Mischief at Book Mayhem

Dear Distinguished Individual,

Not Actually me. Just some honest looking chap we found on the internet!

It is with great pleasure and immense joy that I welcome you to Book Mayhem. I’m not sure how you heard about our mischievous little plan, but you’re here – that’s what matters. It is with your help that we will discretely mess with minds on a global scale – we like to call it “sophisticated mischief.”

We provide the world with the finest lined notepads disguised to look like the strangest books ever written. Without opening one of our notebooks to reveal its lusciously straight lines, you might think one of our notepads is simply a paperback book, with a twist(ed cover)!

To create these “books,” our writers and designers venture into the cavernous bowels of the internet sniffing out the strange and unusual. We force them to view even the most troubling content. Once they are on the verge of cracking, we release them to unleash their madness in creative form. And, thus, our book covers are born.

The mere cavemen of our world clump around playing unimaginative pranks on their friends, co-workers, and strangers with what they believe to be elaborate schemes. We are better than that. Our game is all about getting into someone’s head and knowing they will ponder what they saw for a long, long, long time.

The spontaneous and visual intrusion from our books will not only momentarily shock them out of their mundane routine, but it will give them something to talk about and share on with their similarly bored friends on social media.

The ripple effect that you can create by simply holding one of our notebooks in the right place at the right time could even produce your fifteen minutes of fame.

**We take zero responsibility for what might happen from daring to own one of our notebooks.**

Some say that we have overly ambitious plans for our mischief-enabling notepads. Eh, what can you do? Dreamers gonna dream.

You should do like that one famous singer said in his insanely popular song: ”I hope someday you’ll join us.” (It’s possible the context was different in his case.)

If you are a distinguished individual who appreciates sophisticated mayhem, you deserve one of our notebooks! They are available on (with free shipping options!)

Yours truly,


Harry K. Juniper,
Chief of Mischief at Book Mayhem

P.S. Our sophisticated notebooks are the perfect gift for your friends, enemies, and that special someone (whose birthday is fast approaching, and you still haven’t bought a gift!)