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Is Book Mayhem For Real?

Yup! Book Mayhem is a company born out of a love for light-hearted humor. We are lovers of elaborate pranks that either leave people wondering what just happened or spark insatiable curiosity. We love to see people bent over in fits of laughter and encourage them to “pay it forward” by brightening someone else’s day with a harmless prank.

This is why we designed a line of notebooks masquerading as real books with covers and descriptions on ridiculous topics. These books are designed to get a reaction from friends, family, and even perfect strangers. They are designed for entertainment and will bring an element of novelty fun into your life. All our notebooks are sold via Amazon, and often include free shipping options!

Book Mayhem staff have even tested these “books” themselves by “reading” them in the office or on the subway and have taken note of the hilarious reactions they get from coworkers and fellow travelers.

Notebook cover topics range from the simply odd (“Reading Strangers Minds on Public Transit”) to the highly controversial (“Trick Your Vegan Friends into Eating Meat”). With a variety of bizarre subjects to choose from, any one of these book covers is sure to grab the attention of friends and family or innocent passersby. More…